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Zipex Zipper About

Zipex is a rapidly growing and a leading company, which breaks a routine of its field with a different way of thinking.

All products made by Zipex provide a functional design as well as effective concept opportunities to zip area and are manufactured in Tac Fermaur company, which has 25 years of experience and successful business practice.

The company has taken its worthy place in Turkey's market as well as over the world and has its own machine technology which has been registered by Turkish authorities.

Most of the products which are produced by our company, have been presented for the first time to the World here, in Zips market, Turkey.

Product quality standards ensure maximum satisfaction towards the appropriate manufacturing approach and is the basis of our Company's policy.

Our qualified employees provide excellent services, which add value to the whole process and afterwards is appreciated by our customers.

Zipex maintains a continuous improvement approach towards its products. As a result products, such as Super Zipex , Zipex Metal , Metaform , Zipex Plastic , Zipex Polyster are renewed and developed daily.

• All Zipex zipper technology , R&D and investments are provided by us.
• Metal Zipex products provides long life quality and superior visiual with shining colour of teeth and 20 different type of coating.
• Metaform zippers which are designed by own that distinguish from other brands.
• Plastic zippers are produced in 4 different type of teeth provides superior quality in the sector.
• Zipex polyster use the best raw materials that are made by efficiency equipment.

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